Culture in Organisations

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Feb 142011

Culture Definition: The human-generated part of the environment that is transmitted across time and generations and leads to people within that culture developing shared meanings; culture gives people ‘standard operating procedures’ or ways of doing things. Often said to be ‘the ways things are done around here’ culture is a major point within an organisation as it can lead to success or failure. It is important to manage culture and try and install one which works well for the type of organisation, the objectives and goals the business has set and the recruitment practices in place.

Organisational Culture Definition: The distinctive norms, beliefs, principles and ways of behaving that combine to give each organisation its distinctive character.

  • Norms: How things are done, people are treated and the normal goings on in a business day to day. This is influenced highly by the employees in the company, as these are the ones which spend the most time interacting with each other.
  • Beliefs: These are the thoughts employees have, they can either be installed by the employer, for example the belief that all work should be done to the highest standard despite the amount of time it may take. However, employees have beliefs which they learn themselves, such as the fact that everything may have to be done to the highest standard despite the time taken, yet as they have targets to meet in terms of when tasks should be achieved, this isn’t true and the belief isn’t there.
  • Principles: Principles are what the company sets out to do, for example Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’.

Arnold (2010)

Taken from our sister site which delves more into Culture is the following;

Cultures in organisation is defined by how the organisation is run, how the personalities within the organisation interact with each other and also how the structure of the company is set out. We can see this when we look at how different counties operate, for example the French are very self-righteous and therefore stick up for what they believe in, hence why they have blocked motorways when fuel prices have risen and chopped of their leaders head when they didn’t agree.

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Key Learning Points

  1. What is the Definition of Culture?
  2. What is the Definition of Organisational Culture?
  3. How can a Culture be Created Within a Company?

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What is Organisational Behaviour?

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Dec 042010

Organisational Behaviour has a few different definitions, depending on where you look. For this reason I have decided to add a couple of these definitions to the page, as this will give us all a better look at what Organisational Behaviour actually is.

The systematic study of formal organizations and of what people think, feel and do in and around organizations.

Bratton et al (2010)

An interdisciplinary body of knowledge and field of research, concerned with how formal organizations, behaviour of people within organizations, and salient features of their context and environment, evolve and take shape, why all these things happen the way they do, and what purposes they serve.

Buchanon and Huczynski (2010)

When looking at definitions for organisational behaviour, we should also really look at the definition of organisation, as this will give us a better understanding of the above, so, what is the definition of an organisation?

Definition of Organisation

Work organization:  a deliberately formed social group in which people, technology and resources are deliberately coordinated through formalized roles and relationships to achieve a division of labour designed to attain a specific set of objectives efficiently.

Bratton et al (2010)

Organization:  a social arrangement for achieving controlled performance in pursuit of collective goals.

Buchanon and Huczynski (2010)

Organisational Behaviour

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Dec 042010

Organisational Behaviour is a multi-disciplined approach to how an organisation works. It takes into account the personality system of a organisation, the cultural system and also the social system.

A lot has been written up about Organisational Behaviour, and many theories have been made to try and show us what the whole concept is. On this website you should hopefully get an idea of what it is, and how we use it within management to get the most of of employees and ourselves.

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