Culture Definition: Cultures in organisation is defined by how the organisation is run, how the personalities within the organisation interact with each other and also how the structure of the company is set out. We can see this when we look at how different counties operate, for example the French are very self-righteous and therefore stick up for what they believe in, hence why they have blocked motorways when fuel prices have risen and chopped of their leaders head when they didn’t agree.

It needs to be remembered that not all cultures match all environments; each organisation will need a … Read more...

Leadership Management

Leadership Definition: Leadership is the building of motivation through individuals in aid of reaching a certain set of objectives. A good leader is someone who can lead to good results, by using what he has in the best was possible.
Leadership can depend a lot on Culture and the Business Environment, and the actual role of a leader isn’t always as important as made out.

Defining and Looking into Leadership in Management

In today’s world there is meant to be nothing more important in management than leadership itself. Leadership sets up the rest of the business, installs a culture and … Read more...