How to Approach an Appraisal

There are 6 main steps to approaching an appraisal situation, these are outlined below in bold, the extra text are some notes to help understand what to do and what not to do.

Starting the Appraisal

  • Good News First Vs. Bad News First
  • Handling the Bad News – Criticising
  • Make sure to note what they did well, adding confidence, but including the criticism
  • Set objectives and ways the person can improve, so that they have something good to take from it
  • Make the person think about themselves and work out the problem. If they understand what is wrong with

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Definition: HRM is part of an organisation, known as a function, that is implemented to manage employees and make sure they are working to maximum efficiency and effectiveness, whilst also staying within internal and external policies and rules. The HR department in a large company often dictates what kind of culture emerges within an organisation.

Another part of an Organisation is the Human Resource Management department (HRM). HRM covers a lot of ground, and on this website we will go into detail about a great deal of this. Many people think that Human Resource Management should be … Read more...