3 Reasons Why Culture is So Important within Organisations

Culture comes up a lot in business and organisations, especially in the academic side around the subject. Despite this though, many people are ok with just accepting a business culture and going along with it, believing that once a culture has come into play, it can’t be changed.
Culture is one of the main reasons that companies fail. Even with a great idea, a culture can cripple an organisation from the inside out.
In today’s article, I would like to discuss the 5 reasons why culture is so important.

Having the Right People

It can take years to acquire a …

Leadership Behaviours

Leadership Definition: Leadership is the building of motivation through individuals in aid of reaching a certain set of objectives. A good leader is someone who can lead to good results, by using what he has in the best way possible.

Leadership Behaviours Definition: Another way to look at the ability of a leader is through the way they act, they way they behave. When looking into this theory, two main behaviours were found and put into meta categories. The two identified behaviours were; task-oriented behaviour and people-oriented behaviour.

People-Oriented Behaviour

As the name suggests this type of leader is more … Read more...