How to Set SMART Goals to Improve Performance Management

Goals Definition: Goals are short-term objectives which are set at the start of a project to help analyse where the project needs to go and in what kind of time frame.
SMART Goals Definition: SMART Goals are a way of making goals which cater to the project and make more sense when looked at in the future;

  • S – Specific – The area for the goal to be set, must be specific so that a goal can be clearly defined and then completed.
  • M – Measurable – A way to measure the progress of the goal, to know when the

Performance Management

Performance Management Definition:

Helps to contribute to the effectiveness of the management of individuals and teams in an organisation, as to to help with the performance of the organisation. To achieve this it needs to be made that everyone shares the same understanding of objectives and targets.

The ‘Big Idea’ (Purcell, 2003)

From some research which was carried out at the University of Bath, Purcell et al found that organisations who shared a common goal, as in all of the individuals shared the same beliefs, then the company would do better.

This was known as the ‘Big Idea’. This could … Read more...

Performance Management Using Technology

Performance Management Definition: 

To keep an organisation working as effectively and as efficiently as possible, performance management is used. It is a process where expectation and objectives are set by both the employee and employer, and every certain amount of time, these are looked at and analysed to see where improvements could be made.

Technology Definition: 

The application of scientific methods to make practical methods to do tasks.
As with most things in modern times, technology is being more useful in the area of Performance Management as it allows people to complete online forms, questionnaires and such to allow … Read more...

Conducting the Appraisal Interview

Appraisal Definition: 

An appraisal is the act of assessing an employee or a member of a team. These are normally taken place within an interview and are a terms of analysing the performance of that employee. From the analysis employees are normally given advice on how to improve, which they can use to make aims and objectives to build upon until the next appraisal interview occurs.

Step 1: Prepare

Preparing for the interview is very important, having a prepared interviewer will make the interviewee more confident that the review of their performance is being done properly and this in turn … Read more...

How to Approach an Appraisal

There are 6 main steps to approaching an appraisal situation, these are outlined below in bold, the extra text are some notes to help understand what to do and what not to do.

Starting the Appraisal

  • Good News First Vs. Bad News First
  • Handling the Bad News – Criticising
  • Make sure to note what they did well, adding confidence, but including the criticism
  • Set objectives and ways the person can improve, so that they have something good to take from it
  • Make the person think about themselves and work out the problem. If they understand what is wrong with