Job Design in Organisations

Job Design Definition:  Job Design, which can also be called Work Design or Task Design, is the process of assigning tasks to a job, including the interdependency of those tasks with other jobs. It is to help improve the employees relationship with the job in hand and increase the quality of the product or service at the same time. Job Design has an importance within keeping an organisation at the right standard of work and employee ethics.

The following are some definitions by scholars in the field, this may help as they are a good way to start off an essay question within an exam.

Job redesign: collective name given to techniques designed to increase one or more of the variety, autonomy and completeness of a person’s work tasks

Arnold (2010: 704)

Job characteristics model:  a job design model that relates the motivational properties of jobs to specific personal and organizational consequences of those properties

Bratton (2010: 498)

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Job Design

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