Classifying groups

Formal and informal groups

There are two main types of groups to consider in organization behavior, namely:formal and informal groups. Both formal and informal groups will exist with inside an organization.

Formal groups have been …

Social identity and the organization

What is social identity theory?

Social identity theory (SIT) describes how individual obtain some sense of identity from the groups that they perceive that they belong to. In simple terms, social identity theory allows individuals to gather information about them and others based upon how they decide to classify themselves into various groups, which is essentially a form of comparison.… Read more...

What is Social Identity Theory (SIT)?

Social identity theory (SIT) describes how individuals obtain some sense of identity from the groups that they perceive that they belong to. By classifying themselves as a group member, they perceive themselves as having distinct characteristics, which are similar to others in the group, yet distinct from individuals in other groups.… Read more...

What do managers do?

There are four key roles of management in today’s business world, namely:

  • planning,
  • organizing,
  • leading, and
  • controlling.

You should note from this list of key management roles that a manager is a proactive position responsible for achieving organizational goals. This needs to be distinguished from a non-manager worker who is more likely to take direction and advice on their role. While the manager is responsible for implementing key parts of the organization’s plan, they also need to take responsibility for planning and organizing.

The planning function

Planning means working out how to achieve the goals of the organization. All organizations … Read more...