Collegial Model of Organisational Behaviour

What is the collegial model?

The collegial model is based around teamwork – everybody working as colleagues (hence the name of the model). Collegial refers to a highly co-operative set of people working together by dividing the labour among themselves for the sake of efficient working and to achieve organisational … Read more...

What is motivation?

Defining motivation

Motivation can be defined as the willingness or reason for behaving or acting in a certain way.

You often hear the word motivation used in everyday language – such as, you need to be more motivated in your studies. In this regard, motivation means some form of Read more...

Five Models of Organisational Behaviour

The five models of organisational behaviour are the:

  • autocratic model,
  • custodial model,
  • supportive model,
  • collegial model and
  • system model.

Autocratic model

Autocratic model is the model that depends upon strength, power and formal authority.

In an autocratic organisation, the people (management/owners) who manage the tasks in an organisation have formal … Read more...

ABC of Attitudes

The ABC Model of Attitudes

There are three main elements of an attitude:

  1. Cognitive component
  2. Affective component
  3. Behavioural component

As you can see, the easy way to recall these components is to use the letters ABC.

Cognitive component

Cognitive component involves the belief or knowledge of … Read more...