Groups and Teams in Organizations

Group Definition: In the setting of an organisation, a group is the collection of people who are located, grouped or gathered together, either by classification or in a more general sense. People are often put in groups, such as a department, or groups are created by the same culture or objectives within an organisation.

Team Definition: A team in an organisation is defined to be more competitive than a group, with the intention of this grouping of people to be able to achieve a common goal, reach the same objectives.

Below are the slightly expanded definitions which have been created by scholars in the field of Organisational Behaviour.

What is a Group?

A group is a number of people who;

  • interact with each other;
  • are psychologically aware of each other;
  • perceive themselves aware of each other;
  • or perceive themselves to be a group.

Schein’s (1980)

Groups and Teams In an Organisation

What is a Team?

A team is a group of people, each of whom possesses particular expertise; each of whom is responsible for making individual decisions; who together hold a common purpose; who meet together to communicate, collaborate and consolidate knowledge, from which plans are made, actions determined and future decisions influenced.

Brill’s (1976)

Key Learning Points?

  1. What is the Definition of a Group?
  2. What is the Definition of a Team?
  3. Why should groups and teams be used within organisations?

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