Personality Types A and B: Personality

Personality Definition: A personality is a mixture of a person’s characteristics, beliefs and qualities which make them who they are.

Personality Types A and B Definition: These two theorists came up with two extreme ‘behaviour syndromes’ to allow us to look into different stress levels people endure. Each side of the spectrum was split into its own category; Type A Personality and Type B Personality.

Type A Personality

  • Works better with long hours
  • Works better with larger amounts of work
  • Works better with tight deadlines

Type A Personalities are also said to be quite competitive, and therefore a food type of person to have within an organisation because they are willing to work and are always striving to be better. On the other hand, because they are always on the edge, it means that they may not be able to relax, look back on things and make sure everything is being done properly. Therefore it could cause problems within a business or management team.

Type B Personality

Type B Personalities are obviously the opposite, they are able to sit down and relax, be confident they will meet deadlines, without rushing and not doing the work properly. They also cope with pressure well and therefore can turn decisions around. However, their relaxed approach could mean that work doesn’t get done on time they are less likely to strive for perfection.

Friedman and Rosenman (1974)

Key Learning Points

  1. What is the Definition of Personality?
  2. What are the Key Points for a Type A Personality?
  3. What are the Key Points for a Type B Personality?