Organisational Behaviour Modification: Attitudes and Behaviour

Attitudes Definition: An attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something, a certain state of mind at the time.

Behaviours Definition: Behaviour is defined as the way one acts towards themselves and others around them. To link the two we could say that due to the attitude a person has towards spiders, he/she may behave differently.

Organisational Behaviour Modification Definition: A way of changing behaviours and attitudes by using technology and new found knowledge to influence employees to act in different ways.

Luthans and Kreitner

Luthans and Kreitner orchestrated the way of altering people’s behaviour in business. Behaviour modification first started out in treating mental patients etc. but was soon discovered to be practical in many other areas.

Organisation Behaviour Modification Five Steps

  1. Identify the critical, observable and measurable work performance-related behaviours to be encouraged
  2. Measure the current frequency of those behaviours, to provide a baseline against which to measure improvement.
  3. Establish the triggers or antecedents for those behaviours, and also establish the consequences – positive, neutral or negative – that follow from those behaviours
  4. Develop and intervention strategy to strengthen desired behaviours and weaken dysfunction behaviours through the user of positive reinforcement and corrective feedback, noting that punishment may be necessary in some instances, for example to inhibit unsafe behaviour.
  5. Evaluate systematically the effectiveness of the approach in changing behaviour and improving performance compared with the original baseline measurement.

Luthans and Kreitner (1985)