Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Definition: HRM is part of an organisation, known as a function, that is implemented to manage employees and make sure they are working to maximum efficiency and effectiveness, whilst also staying within internal and external policies and rules. The HR department in a large company often dictates what kind of culture emerges within an organisation.

Another part of an Organisation is the Human Resource Management department (HRM). HRM covers a lot of ground, and on this website we will go into detail about a great deal of this. Many people think that Human Resource Management should be an after-matter, thinking that a good product and business plan is first and most important. However, without having a good set-up within the business, a good team behind you, then you aren’t likely to go far

As mentioned in the definition, the HR department often dictates what kind of culture is implemented or emerges within an organisation, therefore to achieve any corporate objectives, the HR department needs to be in line with what the people at the top of the company want.

Within this website you will find information on how HR affects a business and what can be done to change the culture, employee motivation and the effectiveness of the business as a whole. As well as this we will look at the wider context of Human Resource Management, how the department and subject fits in within the environment of an organisation and how this environment affects all of the areas of HR.

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