The Organisational Domain

The Organisational Domain Definition:

The organisations chosen field of action, the part of the environment which they choose to be vital to their company, so if that part changes, they must react. It is the area which the organisation will sell its products and services, in a way their niche (even though it may not be that small).

It is said that there is ten different sectors which make up the environment for an organisation, each of which affect different organisations in different ways. These are shown below;

The above sectors are known as the Task Environments and General Environments, depending on how that certain sector affects the organisation in question.

Task Environments

These are sectors which an organisation will interact with directly and therefore have a direct impact on the company itself. This includes the sectors;

  • Industry
  • Raw Materials
  • Market Sectors
  • Human Resource
  • International Sectors

General Environment

These are sectors which an organisation will interact with indirectly, not directly every day, but it will indirectly influence the firm. The sectors which are included are the following;

  • Government
  • Sociocultural
  • Economic Conditions
  • Technology
  • Financial Resources Sector

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