Interactive Leadership Management

Leadership Definition: Leadership is the building of motivation through individuals in aid of reaching a certain set of objectives. A good leader is someone who can lead to good results, by using what he has in the best way possible.
Management Definition: The process of dealing with and controlling a certain task or person/people.
Interactive Leadership Management Definition: Interactive Leadership is when a leader takes it upon themselves to include others as much as possible, by delegating tasks and not doing all of the ‘leader’ jobs by themselves. This means that groups are made, collaborations are built and relationships extended so that everyone feels part of the way they organisation is run. Letting people know they are part of the company is a very important aspect for many leaders as not only does it make motivation higher for the staff, it increases motivation for the leader.

Key Learning Points

  1. What is the Definition of Leadership?
  2. What is the Definition of Management?
  3. What is Interactive Leadership Management?