The Organisational Domain

The Organisational Domain Definition:

The organisations chosen field of action, the part of the environment which they choose to be vital to their company, so if that part changes, they must react. It is the area which the organisation will sell its products and services, in a way their niche (even though it may not be that small).

It is said that there is ten different sectors which make up the environment for an organisation, each of which affect different organisations in different ways. These are shown below;



Diversity Definition:

The understanding that every individual is unique and we must take into account everyone to build a society that is diverse and at its richest.
There are two main approaches when looking at diversity in organisations; Equal Opportunities Approach and Managing Diversity Approach. These mean ‘treat everyone the same’ and ‘treat everyone differently’ respectively.

We have the two methods because people either want to be exactly the same when working, or they have to be treated differently so that they both get the most out of their workplace. We often see that people are treated differently in organisations … Read more...