Organisational Behaviour Introduction: Lecture Notes

The following covers the objectives which we need to learn for the topic of ‘OB’. The notes below are guidelines to what we should know; they do not go into detail, to find more detail please use the search at the top and find the corresponding theory on the website.

Objective: To define the terms: Organisation and Organisational Behaviour.

  • An organisation is a collection of like minded people who control performance to reach the same goals. (Bratton)
  • Organisational Behaviour is the systematic study of formal organisations and of what people think, feel and do in organisations. (Bratton)

Objective: To identify factors influencing Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Effectiveness.

  • The way the organisation is treated, such as, like machines. This could adversely effect motivation.
  • PESTLE: These factors can effect organisations in many ways.
  • Individual: Group: Structural: Process: management
  • Fundamental Attribution Error Theory
  • The goals of people within the organisation, just because the organisation has certain targets, doesn’t mean that the people within there have the same
  • Process and variance theories

Objective: To introduce different research perspectives and different research methods.

  • Observations: Experiment: Survey
  • Ask the right questions, specific to make sure the answer is the one you want.