How to Set SMART Goals to Improve Performance Management

Goals Definition: Goals are short-term objectives which are set at the start of a project to help analyse where the project needs to go and in what kind of time frame.
SMART Goals Definition: SMART Goals are a way of making goals which cater to the project and make more sense when looked at in the future;

  • S – Specific – The area for the goal to be set, must be specific so that a goal can be clearly defined and then completed.
  • M – Measurable – A way to measure the progress of the goal, to know when the goal has been accomplished.
  • A – Attainable – The goal has to be realistic, there is no point if it can’t be completed.
  • R – Relevant – The goal must be aligned with the rest of the goals within a project and with the organisation as a whole, is it worthwhile?
  • T – Time-Related – When should the goal be reached?

Performance Management Definition: Performance Management helps to contribute to the effectiveness of the management of individuals and teams in an organisation, as to to help with the performance of the organisation. To achieve this it needs to be made that everyone shares the same understanding of objectives and targets.

Key Learning Points

  1. What is the Definition of a Goal?
  2. How would you Define a SMART Goal?
  3. Write your own SMART Goals…