Social Cognitive Theory: Attitudes and Behaviour

Attitudes Definition: An attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something, a certain state of mind at the time.

Behaviours Definition: Behaviour is defined as the way one acts towards themselves and others around them. To link the two we could say that due to the attitude a person has towards spiders, he/she may behave differently.

Social Cognitive Theory Definition: This theory is all about learning from watching what others do, and then replicating their behaviour. It is common everywhere in the world, children learn from their parents, then from their teachers and later on in life they learn how to work by following others with more experience.

Albert Bandura (1925)

The following video is a great resource for learning about this theory, and learning by listening is always better than learning by reading!

Key Learning Points

  1. Define Attitudes?
  2. Define Behaviours?
  3. What is the Social Cognitive Theory?