Behaviour Management Strategies in Business

In order to have a healthy business that evolves exponentially and which provides a constant stream of revenue, you need to make sure that not only you create good products/services that cater to the needs of your clients, but you also need to maintain your employees happiness at the same times. In order to do that you will need to implement and use some behavior management practices in your company, as this will allow you to please your employees and customers in the best possible way!

What is Behavior Management?

Behavior management is a technique that uses experimental behavior analysis … Read more...

How to Set SMART Goals to Improve Performance Management

Goals Definition: Goals are short-term objectives which are set at the start of a project to help analyse where the project needs to go and in what kind of time frame.
SMART Goals Definition: SMART Goals are a way of making goals which cater to the project and make more sense when looked at in the future;

  • S – Specific – The area for the goal to be set, must be specific so that a goal can be clearly defined and then completed.
  • M – Measurable – A way to measure the progress of the goal, to know when the

Performance Management

Performance Management Definition:

Helps to contribute to the effectiveness of the management of individuals and teams in an organisation, as to to help with the performance of the organisation. To achieve this it needs to be made that everyone shares the same understanding of objectives and targets.

The ‘Big Idea’ (Purcell, 2003)

From some research which was carried out at the University of Bath, Purcell et al found that organisations who shared a common goal, as in all of the individuals shared the same beliefs, then the company would do better.

This was known as the ‘Big Idea’. This could … Read more...

Culture in Organisations

Culture Definition: The human-generated part of the environment that is transmitted across time and generations and leads to people within that culture developing shared meanings; culture gives people ‘standard operating procedures’ or ways of doing things. Often said to be ‘the ways things are done around here’ culture is a major point within an organisation as it can lead to success or failure. It is important to manage culture and try and install one which works well for the type of organisation, the objectives and goals the business has set and the recruitment practices in place.

Organisational Culture Definition: The …

Groups and Teams in Organisations

Group Definition: In the setting of an organisation, a group is the collection of people who are located, grouped or gathered together, either by classification or in a more general sense. People are often put in groups, such as a department, or groups are created by the same culture or objectives within an organisation.

Team Definition: A team in an organisation is defined… Read more...

Single and Double Loop Learning: Attitudes and Behaviour

Attitudes Definition: An attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something, a certain state of mind at the time.

Behaviours Definition: Behaviour is defined as the way one acts towards themselves and others around them. To link the two we could say that due to the attitude a person has towards spiders, he/she may behave differently.

Single and Double Loop Learning Definition: This theory was made to try and understand how people learn within organisations.

  • Single-loop learning is the ability to use feedback to make continuous adjustments and adaptations, to maintain performance at the standard which the organisation